Discover Gower with our “Taster Breaks”

We are currently looking to see how we might be able to reintroduce our previously popular  Discover Gower “Taster Breaks” where one could stay at our cottage for 3 nights but only pay the price of a 1 night stay, especially as since 2015, although despite costs to us having increased, we haven’t passed on any increases to holidaymakers during that period.

In 2015, our offer was for “a 3 night break [that] would [back then have] normally cost £264, but we [were] offering the same number of nights for our 1 night rate of £180 (and not charging for well-behaved dogs, and [we] still supplied a Welcome Pack for both holidaymakers and their dog(s), plus a bottle of “Nottage Hill” wine) all of which was offered as an ‘incentive’ to take up one of our “Taster Breaks”, and stay at Pilton House, Newton to ‘Discover Gower’.

That, in late 2017 our 3 night rate has an average price of £368.50 (between October and late November), and that out 1 night rate now stands at £190.00 is going to take a lot of careful consideration to see how we will be able to provide 3 nights at a great price, although as soon as we have worked out the figure, the details will be posted on this page.

Should you, in the meantime, require further details about Pilton House Gower, we would love to hear from you.

John and Angela

(10 October 2017)

Telephone Numbers:

  • Landline = +44 (0) 1792 234554
  • Mobile-phone = +44 (0) 7904 374696


  • Enquiries:                 



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